Canvas Cabin Tents

Canvas cabin tent can have more than one room - two or sometimes even three. They provide more space, so they are more comfortable. Usually canvas cabin tents are also named family tents - because even a big family will be able to sleep in different parts of a tent, and additionally they will have a space for eating in the tent - not outside. This is a great advantage, because a rain or cold weather can spoil your supper near a bonfire. Another advantage of two-room cabins - separate sleeping. Your children can sleep in one division of a tent, you - with your dog - in another.

Many canvas cabin tents provide many pleasant pluses: pockets for small things and travel accessories, electrical appliances. Canvas cabin tents have nice ventilation, which is afforded with the help of big mesh windows, roof and rear exit. As we know, ventilation is very important for tent. If ventilation is bad, you will suffer from condensate in the tent. Mesh windows and doors will help you with right ventilation.

Cabin tents usually have special mud mats - in order to save tent clean. Such tents are very snug and easy in transportation (thanks to comfortable carrying bag).

Canvas cabin tents can differ in price - usually it costs more if it has more space and living conditions. You don’t need many rooms, but if you want much space, you must pay for it.

Canvas cabin tents are also very easy in setting. In spite big size of cabin tents, they are not so worrisome as you expect. You will need only simple instruction for setting up a tent.

What about your safety - quality cabin tents have waterproof floor and double walls, what will keep warmth. The watertight abilities of a tent depend on the level of tension of material. When the material is loosely stretched it will pass the wind and cold.

Cabin tents also usually provide a lobby. It gives many advantages - you can leave your dog or food or luggage there. If it is raining you can put your shoes in the lobby and they will stay dry.

The most popular brands of canvas cabin tents are: Coleman, Eureka, Ozark and Wenzel.

Coleman cabin tents are ideal in conditions of high wind, so you can be calm and safe. Coleman tents also protect you from rain - no matter if it is light drizzle or a real downpour. Coleman tents have:
  • Waterproof quality floor;
  • Internal seams, which prevent rain leaking into the tent;
  • Special attachments for wind-protected position.

Eureka cabin tents are famous for its space.
  • Eureka cabin tents have a division curtain which allows to divide one tent into two or three rooms.
  • These tents have a special removable cover.
  • Vertical walls give your much interior space.
  • Eureka cabin tents are easy to set up.
  • They usually have 2 doors - so you can enter and exit the tent from 2 sides.
  • Zipper windows will help you to ventilate a tent and to keep privacy.

Ozark cabin tents differ from others thanks to high level of comfort. These tents are often called "home tents" by tourists.
  • They can accomodate to 9 persons;
  • Super ventilation through mesh windows and panels;
  • Smooth comfortable zippers;
  • GoBeDry rain protection system.

Wenzel cabin tents have:
  • vertical straight walls;
  • D-style doors with zippers;
  • roof for visibility and wind-cross;
  • division into two rooms;
  • additional mud mats and hanging pockets for things.

So a canvas cabin tent can become your home - safe, comfortable, with much space and free air. It is a nice canvas tents for vacations and short trips. However, prove all the characteristics of a tent before buying - in order not to regret about your money.